Music Practice Personal Training with Ami

Need Individualized Training? Get One-on-one help to build your Plan

Learn to make your music practice time and music lessons productive and rewarding every time. Music Practice Personal Training is available to customize your approach to effectively using your Musician’s Practice Journal. Learn more about working one-on-one to create your ideal music practice plan.

One-on-one training for any music student, regardless of level or instrument. This is ideal for beginning students of any musical discipline or those who have been playing instruments for a while but feel like they are in a rut.

Learn the building blocks of your ideal music practice.

Focus areas of this individualized training include:

  • How to set up undivided focus conditions
  • The tools of the trade — metronomes, practice journals, and beyond
  • Create a balanced music practice
  • Breathe to relax your body and focus your mind using a Musical Mantra
  • Technique – embrace your inner musical geek
  • Muscle memory technique for musical mastery
  • Pre-Game! How to have better music lessons with your teacher or on recorded courses

This one-on-one service is available as a one-time coaching session, or as an ongoing service to optimize your music lessons with your teacher or on recorded courses. This service is not music lessons. It is a method of structuring your music practice for outstanding and rewarding results.

One of the main benefits of working together one-on-one is to get a clear picture of how segmenting works. Segmenting is a process that evolves as you evolve as a musician. Setting up segments takes thought and logic. Together, in a private coaching session, we take a look at your instrument(s), the elements of what it takes to progress in different specific areas and create a plan. For example, if you are learning guitar, a few of the main segments we would define for practice elements would be:

  • Rhythm
  • Technique
  • Songs
  • Scales
  • Chords

Many segments need to be chunked down even further.

Then you may have a big segment area such as chords. Chords are such a vast topic for guitar players that it can be divided into smaller segments such as:

  • Chord shapes
  • Chord transitions
  • Chord progressions
From there we create a structure for your practice, taking into consideration your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals.
Get started today by setting up a time to craft a plan for yourself using the Musician’s Practice Journal method.
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
—Benjamin Franklin
Ami Sarasvati Musician’s Heart Journey

A Little Insight Your Music Practice Personal Trainer

Admittedly, I have an inner compulsion to improve systems in whatever I do. My co-workers, friends, and family might roll their eyes and chuckle if they were reading this.

How has this shown up in my career? I becoming a teacher in multiple disciplines. Most applicable to this service, years ago I was an aerobics instructor and personal trainer. After some time, I became a trainer of aerobics instructors and personal trainers. I loved it! The ingredients of a great class included rhythm, balanced workouts, and creating an awesome class experience, etc. were all part of the recipe. It was a creative and thoughtful process.

Fast forward a few decades…  

It turns out there is a lot of crossover between training people to become fitness professionals and training hobby (and performing) musicians to get a lot more out of their musical pursuits.

In some ways, I feel like I’m a personal trainer to my music students. Whether they are learning to play the Native American Style flute or are learning the building blocks of an effective music practice ritual, my job is to lead them from point A to point B at a pace that they feel comfortable and empowered. Again, as it was with the fitness career, I love it!

As your personal trainer for attaining your musical dreams, we begin by defining and breaking down big steps into medium steps, then smaller steps, then to the very next step. This applies to crafting your ideal music practice ritual. In this individualized process, we make a customized plan for you!


The templates in PDF form you receive at no charge are the same ones used in a specialized journal. It is not necessary to have the printed journal but it upgrades the experience. To get your copy of this gorgeous spiral-bound journal delivered to your doorstep, go to